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Design Automation Toolkits and Engineering Software for Quantum Electronics.

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About Us

Anyon Systems Inc. is a quantum technology company with the mission of introducing hardware and software solutions to engineer quantum electronics.

The sophistication of today's transistors owes much to a rich set of simulation software and Electronic Automation Design (EDA) tool chains. With the emergence of the quantum revolution, there is a significant need for a set of software packages and simulation toolkits suitable for the design, simulation, and optimization of quantum electronics and quantum devices. Such toolkits can empower engineers to not only circumvent undesirable quantum effects, but more importantly to exploit quantum physics to develop revolutionary technologies. Anyon Systems Inc. main goal is to introduce such toolkits to the quantum electronics industry.

We have been working with leading industrial and academic groups in quantum computing to address some of the most recalcitrant challenges in developing large-scale superconducting quantum processors. Read more about our work with Google.


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